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residential epoxy garage floor

Residential Epoxy Garage Floor

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Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor

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Industrial Epoxy Garage Floor

What is Epoxy Flooring exactly?

Epoxy floor coatings are usually two-part coatings that you mix. They will stick to concrete floors better than any oil-based, water-based or enamel paint. Think epoxy glue type adhesion instead of duct tape adhesion. Your floor will look much better than any conventional paint. It will have a very high gloss finish that will not only make it look great but also waterproof, mold, and mildewproof. When cured, epoxy floors are stain-proof and can be cleaned in the same way as your Teflon pot.

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Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Residential Use in Las Palmas Mobile Home Park

After 30 years of experience, we know that for garage duty vehicle traffic, you need a 20-mg or lower abrasion rating. We offer a military-grade topcoat version for garages with big SUVs, tractor trailers, or workshops. It has an industry-leading 4mg loss rate and can withstand all kinds of abuse. Commercial duty traffic applications that use forklifts pallet jacks, or shop work (commercial or residential), you must have a rating of less than 10mgs. The Commercial Package for Garages can be used if you don’t like the flake appearance. Also, we recommend that you do not use color flakes in your work shop. You won’t be able to find dropped parts on flake floors. For industrial applications and for those who simply want the best floor coating, a coating should be 23 mils thick. Our ultra military system has been specifically developed for such projects. It is available in thicknesses of 23-30 mils, and with a 4mg Loss Rating.

Our epoxy garage floors have been sold for over 30 years. We have also installed and tested every garage floor epoxy available so we know which ones work best. There is no one-size fits all epoxy coating. This is why we offer so many epoxies. A common mistake is to apply an epoxy floor coat for applications it was not meant for.

Our experience has shown that 100% Aliphatic is the best epoxy for all purposes. It’s combined with a true epoxy topcoat. This topcoat has an abrasion rating that equals traffic load. If budget allows, a primer is a good option to increase your adhesion, overall coverage and coating thickness. These are all good things to consider when constructing an epoxy garage floor.

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Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the epoxy garage floor service that I received. The team's attention to detail and commitment to quality really shows in the final product, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to upgrade their garage.

Michael Wilson - CEO

I recently had my garage floor coated with epoxy by a local service, and I couldn't be happier with the result. The team was professional and efficient, arriving on time and finishing the job within the estimated timeframe.

Patricia Bogle - Manager

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is a Great Choice!

Epoxy is the best choice of all flooring options. Epoxy is very versatile. It can be used in almost all applications, as opposed to rubber roll-out mats that might not suit certain floor types. Epoxy gives a dramatic look, is inexpensive and lasts a long time, and is simple to install. It is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and chemical-resistant.

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Construction worker painting epoxy flooring or floor hardener

Residential Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy and waxed flooring with colorful signage in car service

Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor

Construction worker painting epoxy flooring or floor hardener

Industrial Garage Epoxy Floor

epoxy being installed on a garage floor

Garage Epoxy Floor Experts

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Do you want to give your garage floor a final epoxy touch? The epoxy garage floor coating is vibrant and shiny. It will transform your garage into that showroom feel.

Is Epoxy Garage Flooring Worth the Investment?

Epoxying your garage floor is worth the effort. It not only looks professional, but it also resists oil stains and beads of water. You can hide any imperfections in the concrete below with color chips or custom paint colors, and you have the anti-skid additives to give you the grip you need when it colder conditions.

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Is it possible to epoxy a garage floor yourself?

Concrete floors can be coated with epoxy just like it is on walls. However the hard work of preparation is the key to success. The actual application will be easy once you have completed the calculations, made your color choices and cleaned up the target area.

For epoxy to bond well, it needs a surface that is even, slightly rough, but completely clean. It is important to patch any cracks or potholes before apply epoxy garage flooring. Concrete must be more than 60 days old and unsealed for epoxy to adhere. The epoxy will not adhere to concrete floors that have been sealed with sealants. Water beads or foam can be used to tell you if concrete is already sealed. If the floor is not peeling, it can be repainted.

It is not possible to clean the floor by simply stripping it. Cleaning and etching the floor should be completed thoroughly. Any grease or dirt could cause epoxy adhesion problems. There are many cleaners on the market. Make sure you read all ingredients before choosing which one is right for you. Chemical cleaners can be very effective or less effective. A floor maintainer, which costs about $40 per day, can be rented to cut down on elbow grease.

You will usually find epoxy coatings in kits that contain everything you need. Once you’ve chosen the right one, consider whether you will need to purchase additional supplies. While manufacturers might recommend two coats, most standard kits provide only enough to cover one coat. Add color flakes to concrete. This will hide any imperfections. Be sure to measure how many you’ll apply them. For garages with foundations that rise above foot level, it may be worth coating the vertical surfaces of your garage to make cleaning easier. The next step is to decide if the finished floor should have an antiskid additive. This can be useful in rainy and ice-prone areas.

It all comes down to the timing of applying the coating once the floor has been cleaned. The timing is crucial. Choose a day when the concrete is dry from rainy weather, and temperatures are between 50 – 80 degrees. If the concrete is damp, or if the temperature drops below 50 degrees, the coating can bubble up and crack. Once you have mixed the epoxy paint, it will take you about two hours to finish the work. If you plan ahead, you should start in the back corner of your garage and work towards the garage door. Waiting is the hardest part. The drying time between each step can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Once the entire floor is dry, you will need to keep your car off it for at least 72 hours.

What are the cons of Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings are prone to premature wear due to the fact that it isn’t suitable for industrial use, despite being advertised as such. This is not an issue with the warranty. The epoxy after time may also start to peel. Most likely, you’ll be told that the epoxy wasn’t properly prepared. In most cases, however it is the epoxy quality.

The temperature of your tires can reach 180 degrees. It won’t absorb heat if epoxy is less than 10 Mils in dried thickness, especially if epoxy is used with color flakes. This can cause epoxy to lose some of its mass and make the epoxy thinner. You won’t be able to use any of the other types of epoxy mentioned above. They won’t have enough thickness or strong chemical cross links to stop the epoxy being reactivated by hot tires.

Epoxy flooring takes longer to install than rollout garage mats and interlocking garage tiles. Additionally, there are dry times between coatings. This means that epoxy flooring can take 2-3 days to complete a 2 1/2-car garage. However, the labor hours required to complete the job is only 6-8.

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How long can garage epoxy flooring last?

It can vary and it is almost the same answer that you get for how long a car will last. The epoxy lifespan depends on three things: the epoxy quality, the floor prep and how heavy the traffic is. The average epoxy coating can last between 20 and 25 years with the right military-grade topcoat. Topcoats are easy to apply. Just a quick/light sanding with 120 grit is enough to make the floor look brand new.

How long does an epoxy garage flooring system take to set up?

If you are grinding your floor, allow at least 2 days and 3 days for acid etching. Although the actual labor time is about 3-5 hours, you will need to wait for your floor after acid etching has completed. After that, you will need to allow each coating to dry. You can expect to wait for your floor to dry after acid etching, which will take about 3-5 hours. After that, you need to let each layer of coating dry. This could extend the drying time by 2-3 days.

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Do epoxy garage floors work well in commercial environments?

Yes. Our systems are compatible with both with or without color flakes and can be used in commercial applications. Our team is available to answer your questions about our Commercial Epoxy Systems. Even “Garage Floor Epoxy”, can be used commercially if the epoxy primer and military-grade topcoat are used. Metallic Epoxy Flooring’s three-layer construction with high-performance primer, high-build metallic epoxy and military-grade topcoat (4 mg) makes it ideal for commercial use.

What does a epoxy garage floor covering cost?

Okay, this is a complicated question. The question will be answered with some caveats. Epoxy coatings can be purchased for less than $100.00 at a Big Box Store or mega-online retailer. You have many options. There are water-based, polyurea, and cycloaliphatics. They all have their advantages. You also have military grade epoxy systems that can be used for different applications. We don’t offer a one-size fits all epoxy system like many of our competitors. DIY military grade epoxy floor kits will average between $1.15 – $2.25/sf depending upon whether you use a primer, what kind of topcoat you apply, if you use color flakes or not, and what type of epoxy system your are looking to install.

You must also consider your total cost of ownership. Let’s say we have a $3,000 garage epoxy flooring that will last up to 20+ years before needing to be renewed. Now consider the average epoxy floor that you can buy off the shelf for $200. This epoxy floor will look great for around 2-3 years before it has to get redone. What epoxy is more affordable in time and materials? Which do you consider as better value? The one that needs to be repainted regularly or the one that can last 20 years. Another thing to remember about epoxy coatings is their tendency to look shabby faster than you think. You will need to start over when it is time to redecorate. A new epoxy garage floor will require a light sanding in order to clean it and to roughen it up, before applying a coat of clear solution to make it look brand new. The under epoxy we use will last forever. It’s up to the customer to decide which epoxy is best for them: the one that you use once, with a lower upfront cost, and permanent recoating. This does not include the labor and time it takes to clean out your garage and re-do your floor.

Polyurea vs. Epoxy

Polyurea concrete finishes are an excellent choice if your budget allows for more investment upfront, but you want a lasting coating. 

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